Our Mission Is To End Homelessness In Alaska

The Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness (AKCH2) is a statewide organization working to develop strategies to increase the availability of affordable housing and eliminate homelessness in our great state.

The Coalition began in 1989 and holds meetings on the third Tuesday of each month. The Coalition's annual conference brings together social service providers, housing developers, policymakers, and those experiencing homelessness to network and strategize on how best to fulfill our mission.

News and Information

Continuum of Care Program: Homeless Inventory Chart (HIC), Point In Time Count (PIT), and Unmet Need Review Sessions for Anchorage and the Balance of State Scheduled For April 29th

A review of the 2014 Homeless Inventory Charts (HIC), Point in Time Count (PIT) , and the Unmet Need calculations in emergency shelters, transitional living, and permanent suppportive housing units in Alaska's CoC programs is the necessary final step toward data compliance.

For the Anchorage CoC, the teleconference is scheduled for Tuesday, April 29th at 9:30am.

For the Balance of State, the teleconference is scheduled for Tuesday, April 29th at 11:00am.

Teleconference #: 888-572-6060 or 343-6060, if you are in Anchorage.

Documents Needed For The Meeting That Are Attached Below:

  • Point In Time Count Numbers (To be posted Monday)
  • Housing Inventory Chart (Anchorage or Balance of State)
  • Unmet Need for both Anchorage and Balance of State (.pdf)


Public Media Project

KTOO and 360 North are preparing to begin a large campaign of statewide television, public radio, web and social media to raise awareness and increase public education about housing and homelessness issues in Alaska through news reports, web content and public affairs programming.

The Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness looks forward to partnering with KTOO and 360 North and the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority  to help identify issues, stories, and events of importance on solutions to developing more affordable housing and ending homelessness in the state.

The full proposal is attached below.  For more information about the project, please email Scott Ciambor at sciambor@gmail.com.  For content, story ideas, and suggestions, please contact KTOO News reporter Casey Kelly at casey@ktoo.org.


Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness - 2013 Capitol Hill Day

Members of the Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness attended the National Alliance to End Homelessnes Confereince (NAEH) in Washington D.C., July 22-24, 2013. As part of the NAEH Capitol Hill Day, the group met with Senators Mark Begich and Lisa Murkowski, and Representative Don Young.  

Attached below are the letters and message delivered to the delegation by the Coalition.