2012 Balance of State CoC Program

UPDATE: The final project list for the 2012 CoC competition is attached below.

The Continuum of Care program was developed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) so that communities around the country would use a single, comprehensive planning process when applying for HUD’s homeless assistance funding. In Alaska, the CoC planning process is separated into two separate continuums -- Anchorage and the Balance of State.

In 2012, HUD’s CoC program brought $3,721,351 to the State of Alaska. The Anchorage CoC received over $2.8 million and the Balance of State CoC received $823,281 that was used for outreach, shelter, transitional housing, supportive services, and permanent housing for persons experiencing homelessness.

Details for the Municipality of Anchorage CoC planning process can be found on theNeighborhoods website.

Due to the geographical diversity and difficulties in organizing the Balance of State CoC, the Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness (AKCH2) created an Alaska CoC committee to operate as the official “Continuum of Care”. For additional details, see AKCH2’s organizational bylaws.

2012 Balance of State Continuum of Care Application Announcement

The Alaska Balance of State Continuum of Care (CoC) Committee invites all existing CoC grantees to submit a Renewal project application for ranking and approval to be included in the 2012 CoC application to HUD. 

The Committee also invites all eligible applicants to submit a New project application for either a “Bonus” award of up to $52,195 for a new Permanent Supportive Housing project or a new project from a Reallocation amount of up to $62,000, also for permanent supportive housing.   New project applicants are strongly encouraged to visit HUD’s CoC website and familiarize themselves with HUD’s requirements.

Project applications must be received NO LATER THAN CLOSE OF BUSINESS, Friday, December 7, 2012.

The CoC Committee for the Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness is actively recruiting participants from the Balance of State to assist in the CoC application process this year and for subsequent years. If you are interested in participating, please contact Scott Ciambor at scott.ciambor@alaska.gov or Kris Duncan atkduncan@ahfc.us.

Important Dates

December 7, 2012 - FY2012 Renewal and New Applications Due
December 10-15, 2012 - CoC Committee Initial Review of Applications
December 17, 2012 - CoC Committee Review and Ranking
January 11, 2013 - Final CoC Application Information Submitted to AHFC

January 18, 2013 - HUD CoC Applications Due

Alaska Continuum of Care (AK-501) - Notice of Project Rankings

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Committee (comprised of Coalition Board members and interested parties within the Balance-of-State CoC geography) has determined which projects will be included in the 2012 CoC application to the U.S. Department on Housing & Urban Development. The attached list shows the projects selected by rank order of their selection. For more information on the Continuum of Care Program, contact Kris Duncan: 907-330-8276 or visit HUD’s website: