FY2016 Continuum of Care Program

Balance of State CoC Program in Alaska

The Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness (AKCH2) is the state’s housing and homeless advocacy body. The Coalition carries out the day to day management of the Balance of State Continuum of Care Program (AK-501).

The Balance of State CoC geographic area covers all of Alaska, outside of the city of Anchorage, and is the largest in size in the country. To participate in the Anchorage CoC Program (AK-500), please visit the Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness website. 

FY2016 HUD Continuum of Care Program

On June 28, 2016 HUD released the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the CoC Program. The NOFA, forms and documents, and other supporting resources are found on the HUD Exchange site. To learn more about the AK-501 Balance of State competition, please reference the following resources.

HUD CoC Competition Focus: Creating a Systematic Response to Homelessness

Continuum of Care Program Roadmap Prezi

FY2016 Final Funding Recommendations & Collaborative Application

Applications were ranked by a committee consisting of AKCH2 board members and representatives from local coalitions from around the state. The final rankings were approved by the AKCH2 Board on August 18, 2016. AKCH2 will work with the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation to submit the Balance of State Consolidated Application to HUD by the September 14, 2016 deadline.

The approved FY16 CoC ranking announcements can be downloaded here:

Final FY16 AK-501 CoC Funding Recommendations

Final FY16 AK-501 CoC Recommendation Announcement Letter

The FY16 CoC Collaborative Application and Project Priority Listings can be downloaded here:

AK-501 CoC FFY16 Collaborative Application Public Posting

AK-501 CoC FFY16 Project Priority Listing

FY16 AK-501 Program CoC Application

The application deadline for the FY16 CoC Program was August 11, 2016. For reference, the application forms and leverage chart are linked below:

FY16 Renewal Application

FY16 New & Housing Bonus Application

FY16 Application Leverage Chart


Current Policies and Procedues for the Alaska Balance of State (AK-501) Program

In 2015, the Balance of State CoC created a policy document to help organize future CoC (AK-501) competitions. This document defines the roles and responsibilities of the three organizations that work to ensure that HUD CoC funding is available for Alaska communities; Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, Alaska Coalition on Housing and Homelessness, and the Institute for Communities Alliances (Homeless Management Information System lead agency).

Download: Alaska BoS CoC Policies and Procedures

Teleconference: 1-877-644-5260 Code 257227